The Pointer First Page - 11/23/2012

The following articles are reprinted from the “Rockaway Point News,” dated November 23, 2012


Recovery Continues

Fire, Medical and Emergency

Hotline: 718-801-2219

Breezy Point Disaster Relief

Hotline: 866-250-8627



Gas service is being restored in many areas of the community. Please follow these steps for restoration of service:

1. Contact 800-930-5003 to schedule a visit for assessment of both National Grid equipment and customer owned equipment.

2. Your equipment will be relit if inspection determines your appliances are safe and not damaged. (You must also have safe electric power).

3. If appliances were damaged and deemed not safe, a warning tag will be placed on appliances and the gas system will be shut down.

4. Contact a licensed plumber to assess/repair damaged appliances.

5. Once repairs are made, contact National Grid again and schedule a re-light appointment.



The Cooperative has been advised that the majority of the community is ready for electrical service hook-up. If you have not yet had an electrician self-certify your homes electrical system you are encouraged to contact one as soon as possible.



The Cooperative Management together with Board representatives met with the Building Department

Commission and Deputy Mayor for Operations to discuss future needs to repair and rebuild homes in our community. While there has been many media reports regarding demolition of homes, please note that the Mayor has issued a press release specifically regarding red tagged homes and the process that the

Homeowner should follow. If your home was tagged red, you need to take the following steps to repair your building and make it safe for re-entry:


Hire a NY State licensed professional architect or engineer to perform an assessment and develop a remediation plan.

Hire a contractor to make the necessary repairs

File an application with and obtain permits from the DOB within 2 days after commencing emergency work.


Submit a self-certification report from your licensed professional to DOB stating all repairs have been made and the building is safe to occupy.


The DOB has identified specific homes for possible demolition due to the severity of the damage. DOB will contact every owner whose property needs to be demolished and will coordinate efforts with FEMA. No building will be demolished, according to the Mayor, until the homeowner is contacted, UNLESS the building is at imminent risk of collapse. This process will begin immediately and will occur over the next several weeks and months. The City intends to work with homeowners to cover as much of the cost and do as much of the work as possible.




The Cooperative has received an overwhelming response from shareholders who have called the Breezy Point Disaster Relief hotline at 866-250-8627 and requested assistance. They ask for your patience as the volunteers go out to assist you. Priority will be given to primary households and the elderly. If you need help, call the hotline, select option 4 and leave a message with your name, beach address and phone number where you can be reached, indication of primary or secondary home, DOB color tag and type of work desired. The Cooperative will do its best to forward your needs to one of the many volunteer groups currently working on the property.



The DRC is open this weekend from 8 am to 8 pm. The Cooperative Office, located on the 2nd floor will be open Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm. They will be closed Sunday.


Make sure to stop by the donation warehouse and the Silver Gull to pick up any of the essential items that have been generously provided to our community.



USPS Going Above and Beyond!


The United States Postal Service mail carriers of Breezy Point have gone out of their way to help their customers through the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy. The carriers who know almost all of their customers by name and address can be found in a room packed with mail of all shapes and sizes at the Disaster Recovery Center (former Army Reserve Center at Fort Tilden). Their dedication to their job has been amazing as many have stayed after hours on their own time sorting the mountains of mail coming into the Point. Be sure to thank these great men and women for their tireless work when you pick up your mail.