Rebuilding Breezy Point

Welcome to Rebuilding Breezy Point, the online information hub for preserving and repairing your home. Our mission is to organize resources and volunteers, provide accurate information and helpful hints for residents, and provide up to date news regarding the rebuilding of Breezy Point and Roxbury.


Phase One

  • During phase one of the Breezy Point recovery homes will need to be pumped out and gutted of any wet sheet rock, insulation, and most wood including plywood and wood framing. Any furniture or appliances with water damage that cannot be saved will be disposed of.
  • Note: Before any work is done on your house it's important the home owner takes pictures of the damaged property and items in order to recieve the most appropriate FEMA relief funds. Whenever possible list serial numbers of high value items.
  • Note: All garbage and debris must be disposed of along the main roads and NOT the sidewalks. Do not obstruct fire hydrants or other utilities as the large garbage collection vehicles can and have done additional damage to our already broken water and gas utilities.
Phase Two
  • Phase two involves checking on already gutted and pumped homes to make sure they remain dry, and then the application of effective mold removal chemicals. Homes should also be inspected by a licensed electrician and plumber to assess damage to household utilities and make the needed repairs. Your home cannot be re-connected to "the grid" until a licensed electrician gives approval, and a damaged boiler will do more damage to your home in the long run. Gas lines also need to be inspected before natural gas service can be returned to the home.
Phase Three
  • After a home is gutted and pumped, the mold is removed, and the home has been inspected - it's time to rebuild. Depending on the level of damage to your home, rebuilding can be as easy to replacing sheet rock and framing, to starting over from scratch. As we get close to phase three more information will be available regarding the repair and rebuilding of homes in Breezy Point.